Wednesday, February 01, 2006

thesis - researching Architectural Record (Bently and Generative Comjponents)


GenerativeComponents is a parametric and associative design system, giving designers and engineers new ways to efficiently explore alternative building forms without manually building the detail design model for each scenario. It also increases their efficiency in managing conventional design and documentation.

GenerativeComponents captures and graphically presents both design components and abstract relationships between them. This capability lets GenerativeComponents go beyond making geometry explicit; it makes design intent explicit as well. Although designers are working graphically, based on intuition and experience in architectural design, their work is captured in logical form, in what is, effectively, a program.

GenerativeComponents is the design tool of choice for creative
architects and engineers who appreciate that design is best when
it emerges from a combination of intuition and logic.



SmartGeometry is "architectural design with computational design tools".


Generative Components is a model-oriented design and programming environment which combines direct interactive manipulation design methods based on feature modelling and constraints, with visual and traditional programming techniques and represents Bentley's response to the requirement for a "programmatic design" environment, that is a fusion of geometric modeling and software development. What we are searching for in the development of Generative Components is the minimal abstraction of design, that when implemented in software and used by creative designers, provides for the most expressability, the most extensibility. The Smart Geometry Summer School will be an excellent opportunity for architects and designers to explore and develop their design concepts with these innovative tools. (Illustration from the design for a conservatory created by Kevin Rotheroe from the FreeForm Design + Manufacturing Studio in New York.)


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